Professional Ethics

Firstly, a couple of definitions:

Science-based decision making: Utilizing the best current environmental science available to make development decisions.
The Precautionary Principle: Given that science knows only part (sometimes a small part) of the complex interactions and needs of ecosystems, a factor of safety is added to decisions beyond what science-based decision making might allow, to recognize what we do not know.

Gooding Hydrology is a believer in the precautionary approach to development of and around the water resource. Consideration of environmental values is not just a legal requirement of the design process, but a personal value.

I grew up hunting, fishing, and canoeing this beautiful province. As a father of 5, uppermost in my approach to decision making is the desire that my children, their children, and all the generations yet to come have the opportunity to enjoy the rich diversity in nature that has been available to British Columbians of my generation. Water and aquatic life has been an often undervalued resource. As will become increasingly obvious as time passes, while we can live without many things, we cannot live without sufficient clean water for fisheries, drinking water, and agriculture. Our designs incorporate these values.

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Bendway weirs, Mission Creek