River and Stream Channel Assessments

The principal of Gooding Hydrology, Dave Gooding, was Regional Forest Hydrologist with BC Environment during the period of the Forest Practices Code (FPC) watershed and stream channel assessment process. As well as participating in dozens of watersheds' Round Table Committees, Dave performed many watershed and stream channel assessments independantly, taught stream channel assessment, and assisted in rewriting the Interior Watershed Assessmant Procedure based on this experience.

Gooding Hydrology utilizes a modified watershed and stream channel assessment process based on the FPC assessment, with inclusion of historic air photo analysis where a full understanding of the roots of disturbance are to be found. Assessment and prescriptions can be focused on flood hazards, on drinking water quality, on fisheries habitat conditions and river morphology, or as input to discussions of logging or other development plans, depending on the needs of the client.

Watershed and stream health is the goal.